Our Story

Vibrant Confidence – Full Refund
Yes! You heard it right.You can cancel right up to 30 days before tour starts and get 100% refund within 14 business days.
Low Deposit – 20% Only
Yes! You heard it right again. That’s all it takes to book a tour with us and pay rest 60 days before tour start date.
Vibrant India Tours conceives and organizes truly remarkable travel experiences over multiple destinations in India. A family-owned enterprise, that is renowned for its service, value, quality, and financial stability.

Our Founders

Our story wrote its early chapters in 2009 in a typical Melbourne household where Mrs. Belinda and Mr. Karam pioneered the idea to showcase the beauty and culture of India. Since then, Vibrant India Tours has evolved into an unusual experiment in tourism. It has become widely known today for its respect for local culture, community, rituals, traditions and nature around which its singular travel experiences are spun.

Certificate of Excellence!

Vibrant India Tours have 5 Star rating on Google reviews. So far, we have received in excess of 500 “5 Star Reviews” from our clients on various review platforms. Our focus has always been on offering our customers the best authentic experiences and services. Vibrant India Tours takes pride in offering the chance to explore beautiful India, it's glorified treasures and iconic sites. Once you have seen, experienced, photographed and tasted India,we know you will have wonderful stories to tell.
Core Values
Every Vibrant India Tours experience rest on certain fundamental principles that together define our core values. They are:

Working with local communities

We are aware that local communities of both India and Australia are a part of the social fabric that bind us. We reach out to them in numerous ways that include employment and a host of social, economic and cultural interactions that mutually benefit and strengthen ties between us.

Caring for the environment & wildlife

We consciously remember to touch nature with sensitive hands and respect the ecosystems that support us. Every year we donate part of our profits to Wildlife Conservation Trust. Using the Tiger as a metaphor for all of nature, Wildlife Conservation Trust was envisioned to preserve and protect India’s rich natural heritage.

Creating eternal experiences

We create travel experiences that let you explore culture, community, rituals, traditions and nature intimately. These experiences are themed around you - your awareness and aspirations! They are designed to sharpen your vision and heighten your understanding of the web of life around you as you get immersed in its warmth, colour, diversity and wisdom.
These driving elements are reflected in everything you see and experience - from our locations to our people, services and activities!
Our People
Home is where the heart is
Our people are our best brand ambassadors. There are no practiced smiles at Vibrant India Tours. What you see is what you actually get, which is touching warmth, a deep understanding and an enduring graciousness!
The local people of our destinations are a mixed and diverse lot, just like humans anywhere. The pride they feel in their world is real, as is their joy in introducing you to its beauty and mysteries. They welcome you not as a visitor but as a guest into their homes. For that is how they see you, just like we do too!