Our Promise


 Our promise is to offer travellers unrivalled savings at a selection of handpicked destinations. We strive to make your holiday safe, fun filled and a memorable one.

We are committed to providing the best facilities for our clients, taking care of every minute detail so that every trip with us gives them a pleasant memory to cherish.


As travel partners, we beleive that travelling in a small group is one of the most significant ingredients to make the most of your trip. Thus, all our tour groups are of maximum size of 8 people. So, we can take care of every aspect of our clients need.


We are the only Australian based inbound India tour operator, who solely
focus and specialise in India tours. We/our partners have served many happy customers for the last 14 years. Our experts have vast and deep knowledge to plan your perfect trip to make the most of your time and budget.


Safety first! Our chauffeurs, guides and local experts are pleasant, experienced and 

trained to follow the highest standards of safety.


We guarantee that our prices cannot be beaten by any Australian based tour company
for similar tours. Being a customer driven travel company, we fully understand the desires as well as compulsions of the traveller and take them into account while making travel deals. The end is custom packages that allow guests to have maximum fun without burning a hole in their pocket.


We help street kids by supporting Salaam Baalak Trust. They are dedicated to provide a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India.
Salaam Baalak Trust help nurture their dreams and make them realize that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve. Vibrant India Tours packages with destination Delhi includes Salaam Baalak Trust 2 hour city walk - English guided tour led by a child who was once living and working on the streets. Imagine, walking through the lanes of Delhi with young boys and girls and listening to their stories. It is an insightful experience in itself. These are the street children who are now taken care by Salaam Baalak Trust. In order to enhance their communication skills, confidence, and knowledge, the city walks are organized.


As travel partners, we believe that proper accommodation is one of the most significant ingredients in a holiday and thus all our arrangements are equipped with the most luxurious hotel facilities taking care of every aspect of our client’s needs.


Our itineraries are planned in a manner to make our guests super-satisfied and therefore making sure they relish the best restaurants and sightseeing spots.


Whether you are planning a family trip, a honeymoon or a vacation for yourself, we design tailor-made high-quality trips to all destinations in India. Based on our extensive firsthand knowledge of India, we are dedicated to providing a flexible, customised tour package with personalised services that meet your needs and budget. Our packages include accommodation, activities, jungle safaris, guide services, transportation, cooking lessons and a meal with local families, and if possible, an invite to a true Indian Wedding! Our private tours allow you to design your perfect trip, with the emphasis on quality time at each destination, rather than excessive travel and rushed itineraries.