Goa Tours

Goa Tour Package - Goa, Beach Parties, Surf, Sandy Beaches, Festivals, Yoga

Goa is a land that redefines holidays, with its exquisite mix of sun, surf, and beaches; Goa has become the ultimate tourist destination. Goa is a tiny emeralds land with its natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches and temples, famous for its architecture, feast and festivals and hospitable people with a rich culture. So, get swept away in Goa by the spectacular sunrises and sunsets and rejuvenate yourself.

For more than four-and-a-half centuries Goa was run as a Portuguese colony – the lynchpin of a vast trade empire stretching from Japan to Lisbon. As such, its major influences tended to come from across the sea rather than across its borders. Insulated from the rest of coastal India by tidal rivers and mountains, these influences subsequently took root and blossomed into a culture that was neither entirely Indian nor European, but something in between, with its own unique styles of architecture, cuisine and dress.