The Top 5 must visit beaches on your next India trip.

The Top 5 must visit beaches on your next India trip.

India is one such place that gives you an opportunity to travel to the high altitudes, calming beaches and rugged terrains as well. When one thinks about spending time in a maritime place with a cool breeze and bright morning sun, one can have their eyes on the beaches in India. It'smarvellous how there are so many tropical getaways in India where one can spend quality time along the beaches sipping a cool drink and thinking about the beauty of life! Afterall, how could you possibly miss out on a visit to the beach while on any one of our india travel packages? In this article, we will talk about the top five beaches that one can visit in India and how they are amazing places if you've been looking for luxury India tours.

1. Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Radhanagar is located on Havelock Island and is deemed to be one of the best beaches in the entire Asia. Once one lands here on the beach, there is a blue, calming sea far and wide. With fine sand and a canopy, it's also full of greenery. Even though it's a little away from the mainland, it offers so many activities which include surfing, fishing, water sports and rainforest treks as well. It's already out there, but scuba diving is one of the best activities here on this beach. One can look at the pretty coral reefs, all colourful.

2. Puri, Orissa :

Puri, as known to the world, is extremely popular owing to the Jagannath temple but there is so much more to the place. The beautiful beaches of Puri draw people for their amazing atmosphere and a - party set up. There are Balighai and Chandrabhaga, to the north of Puri which offers an uninterrupted plot of sand. These beaches to the north are much quite and offer a more serene atmosphere owing to them being comparatively untouched. Konark too has a small beach where one can spend the evening walking by the beach and breathing in the fresh breeze.

3. Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu:

Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram as it is popularly known has very famous beaches. The sandy beaches are as peaceful as charming. Known to be one the most prominent beaches of Tamil Nadu, thousands of visitors make a visit to the place and experience sunbathing and chill around the place. The Bay of Bengal is in its most jovial moods shoring up the beach and offers a sudden burst of refreshment. The beaches are clean and people can spend some quality time lazing around. The beach charms its visitors by the snake venom extracting centre, crocodile bank and the school of art and sculpture that's located very close to the beach itself.

4. Palolem, Goa:

When one thinks about beaches, one cannot miss Goa. The unofficial coastal capital of the coor its chill vibes and party culture. The northern and southern beaches are a treat. The coconut palm forests provide for a calming experience. One can spend hours sunbathing and sipping on cool drinks. The beaches in Goa are so famous that they attract visitors from domestic as well as international territories. There are dolphin-sighting tours around the Arabian Sea.

5. Varkala Beach,Kerala:

Located 39km from Kerala's capital Trivandrum is this beach. The beach offers the most stunning views of sunsets and has a natural waterspout. Also known as Pearl of Arabian sea, it's a part of Indian Ocean's Arabian Sea. Here, cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea and is one of its kind.

It's amazing how India offers so much in terms of travelling. There are innumerous beaches to visit and explore. All the above-mentioned ones are a great pick if you are travelling solo, with friends or even with family. And let's not forget that any of these beautiful beaches would be a great spot to visit, if you intend on finding ideal honeymoon packages in India.