The South Indian Paradise

The South Indian Paradise

"God's own Country," "Naturally astounding beauty," "Emerald Green Land," "Rich Vegetation,"; the list goes on, but it still won't bring enough justice to Kerala's beauty. Situated in the south-west corner of the Indian peninsula, Kerala is a must be conducted South India tour. Amid the Western Ghats on one edge and a rim of tall palm trees by the Arabian Sea on the other, Kerala's dense plantation and culture will have you not wanting to go back home. Here are a few reasons that will certainly make up your mind and have you book those tickets to Kerala:

Picturesque Locations

Kerala is the abode for picture-perfect moments. With lovely sunsets along Kerala's backwaters and lush tea gardens in the Munnar hill stations, you will witness the perfect blend of the mountains and waters. You may also witness the rare "neelakurinji" flower here that blooms once in every 12 years.

Diverse History

From being held by Tamils for a few years and having regular Arab traders to witnessing the British and Portuguese claim their lands, Kerela is rich in its heritage. It is surrounded by various historical monuments, old forts, and temples in multiple towns like Padmanabhapuram, Bekal, and Palakkad.

The food

Having a traditional meal on the green-banana leaf is a must during your stay in Kerala. The best way to understand the culture of a place is through its food. After indulging in the traditional South-Indian meal and items like appam with stew, and ghee roast dosa, this state also offers you the freshest sea-food around the country.

The Festivals

With festivals all around the year, you will learn about the "Keralan" culture even more.

The celebration of Christmas and New Year in the last week of December is enjoyed through the Cochin Carnival with activities ranging from fairs, food festivals to cycle races and football.

An 800 years old ritual with over 400 different performances is the vibrant Theyyam Festival. Prevalent in the North Malabar regions of Kerala, this festival will have you witness extraordinary costumes, dances, rites, and rituals.

Observe the Keralans competitive spirits with the Boat Festival from July to September. With boat racing competitions and the energetic boat songs, an entertaining day is guaranteed.


While in Kerala, one must live in one of the houseboats on the backwaters. Waking up to the subtle lapping of waves, with fishermen pulling in nests and kids heading to school, a calm and soothing vacation is guaranteed. If you have come here with your special one for a special occasion, a hundred-percent romantic but peaceful honeymoon package is assured.

"Travel, before time runs out."

Kerala, one of the most beautiful states Indian state, is also the most literate and safe. Your stay there is a definite fun and learning experience. Hesitation in confirming your travel decisions will end up leading to regrets. Thus, keep those confusions aside, book your tickets to Kerala and have a worthwhile stay there.