Rajasthan - The Land of the Royals

Rajasthan - The Land of the Royals

The resplendent Rajasthan is a gem in India's crown. Known as India's quintessential place for royal residences and tigers, and vivid celebrations, a Rajasthan trip takes you through a regal tour back in time.

Being a part of the Golden Triangle, a Rajasthan trip can be undertaken as part of the Golden triangle trip of India. This trip ordinarily commences at the cultural hub of India, the city of Delhi, with its great Mughal legacy. It at that point points to Agra, where one of the world's most popular burial places, the Taj Mahal, characterises the city with its dazzling extents. The Golden Triangle trip wraps up at Jaipur – a city painted pink with the absolute most brilliant bazaars in India. Jaipur is the capital city Rajasthan and takes you through an extravagant experience in the palaces and monuments. If this doesn't pique your interest, then know that there's so much more to a golden triangle India tour package that words simply will not be able to describe better than the experience itself.

Glorious History

Rajasthan's expensive attractions are its wonderful fortresses and castles. Amazing strongholds loom from peaks, their fight scarred defences actually resisting long-dead adversaries. The sophisticated works of marble and stone are evident through wellsprings and shaded glass which adorn the corridors of business and rooms. While princely benefits were taken by most of the dynasties of Rajasthan, however there are various overlooked strongholds and affectionately re-established royal residences, including Jaisalmer's desert outpost, Amber's fortress castle and Jodhpur's impressive Mehrangarh, which has preserved its history of regality. When booking a Rajasthan tour from Australia, remember two things: to brush up on your local history, and to make an enquiry with us at Vibrant India tours.

Resplendent Culture

Rajasthan is home to the courageous dynasty of Rajputs, and is best known as the Land of the Kings. Its fight scarred legacy is imbued proudly and conventionally in the history of all its cities. One of the most striking features that you will surely encounter while on a Rajasthan trip is that elite classes of this culture manufactured glorious royal residences and fortresses, a considerable amount of which includes museums and palaces. The Rajas of the place provide partisanship to the artisans and craftsmen of the place, thereby contributing to the preservation of art and culture. Town life remains saturated with convention however, much the same as the remainder of India. As you roam around the small towns and cities you’ll find Turbaned men actually Running a business of camels.


The power and range of shading in Rajasthan is difficult to disregard. The vibrant and eye-catching colours of the traditional attires especially Pagdi, Saris and Lehenga Choli are the highlight of any Rajasthan trip. Apart from the blingy and colourful side of Rajasthan, a fortunate tourist may even get a sight of a blaze of orange tiger in Ranthambhore National Park.  However, some of the simpler things that you will surely come across while on a Rajasthan trip include splendid tones of Rajasthan's numerous celebrations ranging from pompously brightened camels in Pushkar and painted elephants in Jaipur, to the lively and colourful blasts of Diwali and Holi, celebrated over the area. A definite eye-catching feature while on any of our luxury India tours.

Similar to the rest of India, Rajasthan with some of its unique aspects is a living example of diversity and harmony. The harmonious relationship of past with contemporary entices tourists to make a trip to Rajasthan atleast once in their lifetime.