The Himalayas - A glimpse of heaven on earth

The Himalayas - A glimpse of heaven on earth

Travelling to the Himalayas is like taking a trip to the heavens above. Known for its snow-capped lofty mountains, the Himalayas are a mountain range separating India from Tibet. The sky-reaching mountains appear at the border of Nepal and China but must appear in your bucket list if you are a fan of all the wonder that the mountain ranges can bring. While much of the Himalayas lies in Nepal, a significant portion belongs to the Sikkim region of India as well. However, it spreads from Kashmir to Kathmandu and Lhasa to Ladakh. While visiting on your next India tour, some of the Himalaya trip that you can opt for include:


Known for its high altitude and rugged terrain, Ladakh is a dream destination for every kind of holidaymaker, whether they are adventure-seekers or there for peaceful views. While on a trip to Ladakh Himalayas get ready for epic treks, surreal sights of mountain lakes, auburn valleys and hills, and a sneak peek into Tibetan culture. A definite highlight of all our North India tour packages, Ladakh is arguably one of the must-visit destinations we would recommend you visit next.

Jammu And Kashmir

Famed as “heaven on earth”, the Kashmir Valley is blessed with stunning terrain covered in snow-capped mountains, lush greenery and a fresh ambiance. While the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas belongs to Kashmir, the foothills of Himalayas Shivalik extend from Vaishno Devi to Jammu. So, expect a soul-reviving venture with a Himalaya tripinJammu and Kashmir.

Himachal Pradesh

Home to famous hill stations like Dharamshala, Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Chamba, Khajjiar and Kullu, Himachal Pradesh is one of the favourites of travellers keen to visit these famed hill stations. The perfect backdrop of the Dhauladhar range is sheer bliss with a bowl of noodles and a cup of hot chocolate to accompany your view of the landscape. Perfect memories just waiting to be formed with any of your next North India tour packages with us.


Uttarakhand welcomes several visitors from all over the world, who wish to sight the magical Himalayan terrain. Consisting of the Zaskar range, Uttarakhand is divided into Garhwal and Kumaon region, receiving several devotees paying their Char Dham pilgrimage. Apart from sighting the Garhwal Himalayas on this Himalaya trip, you can opt for sports like rafting in Rishikesh, hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing.


Sheltering the third highest mountain- Kanchenjunga, Sikkim is an unparalleled beauty of Northeast India. The Buddhist heritage and its natural charms combine to make a Himalaya trip in Sikkim exceptionally the best.


Covering the eastern Himalayas, Darjeeling is a serene region in West Bengal. The pleasant weather and ambience of fresh tea leaves are all that you need to loosen up and revive your soul while on Himalaya trip in Darjeeling.

While the destinations for a Himalaya trip have been discussed, the seasons to visit the places are limited as heavy snowfall limits commutation opportunities. Hence, The best time to visit the places are between the months of march and October, as the climate generally remains pleasant with good amount of sunlight.

Being composed of glaciers and lakes, Himalayas as mentioned are mountain ranges that can be equated to heaven on earth. No matter how many hill stations you visit, nothing compares to a trip to the Himalayas. The authentic dishes including dimsums, thukpas and soups in the pleasantly cold weather of the hills, make you fall in love with the place even more. The intersection of technology with the traditional and untouched life of Himalayan people fascinates most trekkers to enjoy the organic way of life and nature. So, don’t think so much, Himalayas and its scenic views await your arrival!