A sensational ride into the flavours of India

A sensational ride into the flavours of India

India is a buffet of exotic flavours, diverse eating traditions and regional specialities that reflect its multi-ethnic charm in every bite. Ranging from the vegetarian choices of the south to the flavoursome Mughlai cuisine of north, India is exceptionally delightful for tourists on a food safari. Whether you decide to gorge on StreetSide chaat, or have a wholesome thali while on Rajasthan tour, a culinary exploration in India is a must when on any India tour. So, get ready for a lip-smacking roller coaster ride as you stroll through the colourful streets of India.

The street food of North India especially involves wheat, vegetables, spices, and dairy products. And while cities like Rajasthan are renowned for snacks like Dal Batti Churma (a lentil soup with wheat balls), Gatte ki Sabzi (chickpea cutlet curry), and king size Marvari thali full of spices, Gujarat is renowned for its experimentation in savoury flavours present in dishes like Khandvi (gram flour and yoghurt-based dish), Dhokla (rice and split chickpea snack), Thepla (wheat and chickpea-based dish) and Fafda. The city of Hyderabad and Lucknow also called Nawabon Ka Sheher (city of princes) represent a cuisine which is an amalgam of middle eastern, North Indian and central Asian food practices and is world-famous for its extravagance. Some of its most famous dishes are non-vegetarian and include Dum and Hyderabadi Biryani (a mixed dish with rice and meat), Nihari (slow cooked mutton curry with bone marrow), Seekh Kebabs (grilled minced meat sticks), Falooda (cold dessert with noodles), Sheer Korma (vermicelli pudding), and several other delicious specialities – certainly not to be missed while you are enjoying any one of our North India tour packages. Delhi on the other hand is a melting pot of culinary sensations be it the street side titbits like Gol Gappe (sweet and spicy wheat-based snack), Papdi Chaat (a savoury wheat chips snack), or Momos (Dimsums), you will get a taste of every region of India. Delhi is inhabited by people of all cultures, yet it has a delectable cuisine admired throughout the country – the Mughlai cuisine, while also sharing some resemblance with the Punjabi cuisine. Some of the must try dishes while on a tour in Delhi include Dal Makhani (a creamy lentil-based dish), Chhole Bhature (Chickpea with fried wheat rotis), Pav Bhaji (mixed vegetable curry served with soft bread), Shawarma (chicken roll), Mutton/Chicken Korma, Qeema Matar (minced meat curry), Tandoori Chicken (roasted spicy chicken) and the list is never ending!

Much has been said about the cuisine of North India, but South India has also its aromatic range of platters and titbits. Starting from Andhra and going to Kanyakumari, the list of flavoursome meals contains names like Dosa (rice-based bread), Uttapam, Idli Sambar, and Vada. But this sounds too mainstream and cliched, the cuisine of South India consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items including seafood. While Kerala is famous for Nadan Kazhu Varuthatu (fried chicken), Kerala Prawn Curry, Karimeen Poliichathu (exotic fish meal), Nadan Beef, and Malabar Parotta (flour based spiral bread), Karnataka is famous for Kundapura Chicken Curry, Pundi (dal dumplings) Curry, and variety of others! Chennai’s range of spices and dishes give a different twist to the food safari tour in India with dishes like Idiyappam (rice noodles), Thalapakkati Biriyani, Chicken Chettinad with Parotta, and several others.

The list surely has a lot of options for non-vegetarian foodies, but vegetarians and vegans must not feel left out as India surely has it's vegan and vegetarian share of delicacies. Dishes like Rajma Rice, Vegetable Pulao, Shahi Paneer with roti, Soya Chaap and several others await you! So, just pack your bags and get on exploring the exotic and flavoursome variety of the different regions of India. Regardless of the specific city you've set your mind on, all that glorious food will no doubt provide an abundance of reasons to enquire with us about our holiday packages in India.