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India Travel Tips: Explore the Best Attractions in India

India’s diversity of landscapes and abundance of cultures make it a nation of remarkable contrasts. Home to the highest mountain ranges in the world, jungles, deserts, tropical coastlines and a seemingly infinite variety of peoples, the country can have a beguiling effect on those travelling to India. The teeming cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata throng with humanity and this populous nation is arguably the most fruitful birthplace of religion on Earth. Endless sights range from the majestic marble palaces, fortresses and emperors’ mausoleums of Rajasthan and Agra to the ghats of Varanasi, the monumental ruins at Hampi and the Hindu gateway and temple towers of the south.

India is a vast, multifaceted nation, with a complex geography. In the far north, the Himalayan mountains tumble into the great river plains of the Ganges, Yamuna and Punjab. To the west, the Thar Desert straddles the border with Pakistan, while further south, the high tableland of the Deccan Plateau forms the core of peninsular India, which tapers as it approaches the country’s southernmost tip.

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The country comprises a diamond-shaped subcontinent that stretches over 3,000km (1,800 miles) from the Northwest Himalaya right down to Cape Comorin, on the ­Indian Ocean. From east to west India also covers about 3,000km, from the border with neighbours China and Myanmar, to the Gujarat coast on the Arabian Sea. The topography extends from the snows of the high Hima­layas, to the deserts of Rajasthan, to the lush tropical landscape of Kerala

Delhi, the nation’s capital, presides over the Northern Plains, and Mumbai (Bombay), India’s second city, sits on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the southwest, making it the ideal gateway to the beaches of Goa. The largest population centre in the far south is Chennai (Madras), on Tamil Nadu's southeast coast, while Kolkata (Calcutta) dominates Northeast India, at the head of the Ganges Delta and Bay of Bengal.