About India

About India


A country of traditions, culture, and vibrant geographies, India speaks for itself as a soul-stirring journey. Snow covered peaks of Himalayas to stretch of coastline, natural greenery to depths of spirituality and clusters of cultural shades. All of these aspects join together to define the raw beauty through which India captures the heart of every tourist. Discover the different facets of this vibrant country as it shapes your vision at every of its fold. With the country's tourism branched into several forms, India has a chunk for every kind of a traveller. To get things going, we provide an India travel planner which incorporates must-visit tourist attractions, places to visit in India, how to reach and the best time to visit. While any holiday in India is sure to grant you memories of a lifetime, there are some of the most exciting categories that tempt you to make plans for India tour at the earliest hour.

Vibrant India Tours takes pride in offering you the chance to explore beautiful
India, it's glorified treasures and iconic sites like the Taj Mahal, the slow winding
waters of the Ganges, spotting Bengal tigers in the wild, meeting the Holy men
of Pushkar, camping beneath the desert skies, and exploring narrow streets in
tiny towns you've never heard of before. 

You must experience the sights and exotic smells of India.

With India's diverse mix we will show you even more..........


  • It's vibrant culture
  • The hustle and bustle of colourful bazaar’s
  • It's scenic beauty
  • King's Palaces
  • Pristine beaches
  • Wildlife
  • Tea plantations
  • How to meditate with Yoga
  • Local, world class & contemporary food
  • Fabulous hospitality
  • Premium 5-star accommodation 
  • Escorted tours, our English speaking guides are locals, trained to show visitors all parts of India

Once you have seen, experienced, photographed and tasted India, we know you
will have wonderful stories to tell.